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First Name Jeff 
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Comments Re: Website Issues...?


We are a leading Digital marketing company/SEO Company.

I was analyzing your site and it seems that some of your website rankings have dropped. It is due to non-optimized techniques/errors and Google guidelines not being followed properly. As you know that Google’s crawler is software and work on the coding basis only.

That’s why the site coding portion should be strong for better results.

I would like to present a detailed analysis of your website along with errors that your website and ways to improve your Google rankings.

We would be happy to send you a proposal using the top search phrases for your area of expertise. Please contact me at your convenience so we can start saving you some money.

In order for us to respond to your request for information, please include your company’s website address (mandatory)

Jeff Carner 
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Date Submitted Jun 8th, 2019 

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