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Inquiry ID #A2244 
First Name Taleasha 
Last Name Staser 
Phone 5415013256 
Comments I am a Very unhappy customer, because I feel like not only does the owner and sales people of dan's automotive consider me a fool and easily tricked or 'duped' and recently they had claimed that they had fixed a warped rotors problem with the vehicle I purchased when I now come to find out that that appears to be entirely untrue and the vehicle does in fact appear to have warped rotors as of right now and it's only been a little over two weeksor so since they claim to have did repairs and did a bunch of work on the vehicle..... while the vehicle visibly shows signs that the rotors are warped. I don't know how I can trust that there were repairs done with the vehicle in this condition. I'm not sure how to handle this so I'm trying to reach out and at least let this be known to you.  
Private Notes Printed this and put on Dan's Desk! 04-03-19 TOY 
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Date Submitted Apr 3rd, 2019 

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